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Are You Ready to Live a Life of Connection & Freedom?

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That’s why I created the “B.E.S.T. method” where individuals go from:

lonely to


repressed to


anxious to


triggered to


Become the Beloved You Seek! 

Create the juicy sensual, partnership you desire.

Psychotherapy is about looking at the past to heal and bring wholeness to your present life, whereas coaching is about how to evolve your present self towards your future goals.

I have a deep understanding of attachment and early relationships and how those affect our adult relational patterns. I have a holistic approach of integrating mind, body, and soul, that focuses on healing from the inside out to create lasting change.


I Am

Capable Worthy Brilliant Limitless Whole Free

I Am

Psychotherapist - Coach - Catalyst

Every day I work with men and women on their paths to living life on their own terms and being in fulfilling relationships. As a transformational specialist, I incorporate my experience as a Certified Coach along with 29 years of work as a psychotherapist and trauma specialist to guide you through life’s challenges, limiting stories, or whatever stands in the way of living your best life. 

Transformation is a choice to expand beyond who you are now… let me show you how!

I Am Grateful to Serve the Incredible Leaders and Employees of:

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