One-On-One Therapy is geared specifically to you and your unique experience.

You Desperately Want to Be More Present, Authentic, and Connected in Your Relationships!

It’s time to access that capacity in a more consistent way!

You might think that you just have to learn to communicate better or be less  “this way” and more “that way”. You convince yourself that you should be able to stay connected by sheer will and behavior change.

That’s not how it works.

You seek to have more harmony and connection with yourself and your relationships

● Instead, you may find yourself yelling, blaming, or sabotaging.

● You may feel scared to address issues head on, but you’re aware of the resentment building inside of you and the distance this creates in your relationship.

● You may find yourself pushing away the people you care most about in life.

● You may worry that the only way to feel better is to leave.

You realize that a lot of your relationships have had similar patterns - you know, deep down, that at least some of this is "your stuff".

Through Our
One-On-One Work Together You Will:

● Cultivate awareness of the patterns that are causing you difficulties in your relationship(s).

● Begin to relate to those patterns in a new way.

● Learn how to cope with anxiety and stress that results in inner peace.

● And, finally, heal the root causes of those patterns so that you experience more harmony in your life.

Importantly, this isn't about learning skills or techniques,

This is About Healing From the Inside Out.


After our work together, you will feel more in control of your emotions and behaviors within your relationship(s). You will feel a deeper sense of compassion for yourself and others.  You will feel whole and connected.


I deeply understand how we are shaped by our early relationships and how these affect our adult relational patterns. My approach is all about making lasting change.

Being a good fit
is important.

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My Areas of Expertise:

● Anxiety
● Parenting Challenges
● Trauma Impact
● Relationship Challenges
● Inner Child Healing

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker
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