I am a peaceful warrior in service to human-kind.

Hi! I'm

I have been where you’ve been. I’ve walked in your shoes. Thinking I was not good enough, not dreaming big, people-pleasing, uncertain in my decisions, and not asking for what I needed.

Being a catalyst for transformation is at the heart of my vision. My journey of searching began at the age of 17, utilizing both Western and Eastern philosophies to self-discovery. I even become a trained specialized psychotherapist! Healing my traumas allowed me to regain my voice!

After a drugged driver hit my car on the way to work in 2015, leaving me unable to walk for nine months, I was given the wakeup call I needed to lose 160 pounds, leave a 27-year career as an executive in Public Child Welfare, moved to a new state and launch a new career as coach and coach trainer and rebuild my psychotherapy practice.

I was ready to really live.

I have learned that I can survive and thrive during my transitions. I accessed my voice, took bold action, and found my passions. Owing our resiliency is a vital part of my work with people. To gain clarity, tap into your vision and have the courage to ask for support to take your first step. Building intimacy requires to feel a sense of safety, belonging, and worthiness to be heard and seen, to trust and be trusted, to choose and be chosen

I’ve learned the tools to overcome anything life throws at me and now I want to pass them to you.

My story is getting sweeter with age, I appreciate all the lessons that make me who I am.

Transformation is a choice to expand beyond who you are now, step into the unknown…your thinking, your actions, your mindset gets to be aligned to support you…to become that person waiting to emerge from deep inside of you. Psychotherapy and coaching offer a path to letting go of what is no longer serving us and breaking the patterns that are ingrained within us.

I encourage my clients to trust their intuition and inner voice, to express their expectations, share their needs and grow in self-confidence. Through learning practices and habits to support your goals, you will experience the gains you seek. In addition, we develop ways to calm your anxiety and bring peace to your mind and body.

Currently, I have a national coaching and psychotherapy practice and serve as a corporate coach for select Fortune 100 companies. I am a professional certified in Positive Intelligence coach and mental fitness.

Your Dream Life is Waiting

Through coaching you will shed your inner critic, declare boldly what you want, gain the confidence to seize what is your birthright, and activate your inner wisdom.