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Build Your Mental Fortitude. Go From Self-Sabotage to Self-Mastery in Seven Weeks

Join me in the Positive Intelligence
(PQ) 7-Week Program

Weekly 1-hour Video Sessions (with Shirzad Chamine, Author of Positive Intelligence)

Claudine is a member of the very first group of coaches who were trained, mentored, and certified by Shirzad in this work. She will be your coach for the weekly pod calls.

Exclusive Mobile Application to guide your daily practice to build your mental fortitude.

  • Positive Quotient Gym
  • Daily Progress Tracking
  • PQ Community Application 

Copy of Positive Intelligence Book (Chapters 1-8) Weekly PQ Group Coaching

  • Limited to 10 individuals
  • Strengthen your Network
  • Build Accountability
  • Gain new tools 
  • Benefit from individual coaching 

Tuition & Registration

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  Only $695*

*Individual pricing.  Group rates available.

In Just 7 Weeks, You Will:

Week 1

Boost your Self-Command Muscle

Learn to intercept unhelpful mental habits.

Week 2

Weaken the Judge Saboteur

Redirect judgement of yourself, others, and circumstances

Week 3

Expose hidden lies, limiting beliefs and negative patterns

Intercept and weaken your top accomplice Saboteurs

Week 4

Strengthen your Sage through a calm and clear mind through practice

Gain self-acceptance and empathy. Boost your speed of recovery.

Week 5

Boost the Sage Powers

Learn 3 techniques and when to use them.

Week 6

Take Clear-Headed, Laser-Focused Action

Through 2 techniques align your actions with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose to act without fear or emotional distractions.

Week 7

Deepen Your Mastery

Optimize the program gains and provide options to continue to strengthen the PQ muscle.